Visit Norway, Europe’s new budget destination?

Well, maybe not entirely budget. Things are still pricey here.  But thanks to a cheap kroner, a shiny new budget airline, and a host of great Airbnb options, the fjords of Norway have suddenly become more affordable and accessible than ever. Here’s a quick list of reasons you should consider it for your next trip:

1) The first and foremost reason to come to Norway is its stunning natural beauty. There are numerous fjords to choose from, from the large and easily accessible to the smaller more secluded kind.

2) When you’ve had enough of the fjords, or it’s just time to go home, check out the vibrant urban culture in Oslo.

3) Numerous affordable Airbnb apartments in many cities, including Oslo and Bergen. Check out the uber cool district of Grunnerlokka in Oslo, an Airbnb poster child.

4) Cheap kroner. The Norwegian Kroner has fallen against the dollar by ~20% over the last 18 months.  The same dinner that would have cost you $100 just a year ago is now $80.

5) If you’ve never heard of Norwegian Air, it’s Europe’s newest international budget airline and it’s based in Oslo. They have round trip flights for half the price of other name brand carriers. They even have some direct flights.

6) Even in the fjords a car isn’t necessary. An extensive network of boats, trains, and buses connect the country’s biggest fjord, Sognefjord, with Oslo and Bergen. All of them are clean, run frequently, and easy to use.


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