Canada: Quebec City


Intro to Quebec City

Quebec is the only walled-in city on this continent north of Mexico. Most people speak French and signs are in French so you could be forgiven for thinking you woke up on the other side of the Atlantic. The city sits along the northern bank of the St. Lawrence river less than 2 hours from the border of Maine. The streets of the old city are cobbled and ooze old world charm like few other places in North America.


If your local airport has a direct flight here it make for a great weekend, fly up Friday and back Sunday night. From NYC it’s less than 2hrs.

When we went

Winter 2008. In the Montreal section we advised against coming in Canada in the winter. We’d like to retract that statement for Quebec. This town looks better in snow. It’s even known for it’s elaborate winter festival. Just make sure to pack warm.
Old town street in

Old town street in Quebec City

The Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac is the dominant building within the walls of old Quebec. If you can’t stay there at least stop by the bar for a drink. In the winter, out front over looking the St. Lawrence river, there is a toboggan run.
Taking the funicular down to the old town

Taking the funicular down to the old town

The St Lawrence river freezes over early in the winter. The weekend we were there some crazy residents of Quebec were out on the ice, rowing boats from one ice chuck to the next, then jumping out and dragging the boat across the ice, before jumping back in a rowing to the next berg. Apparently this is a ‘thing’…ice rowing.
Ice rowing on the St. Lawrence River

Ice rowing on the St. Lawrence River


Le Lapin Saute’ – dinner, rabbit cuisine
Restaurant Aux Anciens Canadiens – dinner, fondue, meat pies

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