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If you live near an airport, it should be a relatively easy (and most likely direct) flight.  Expect LONG taxi lines at Vegas’ McCarran Airport.

When we went

September 2013, just for a weekend. Flew in after work on Friday and arrived for a late dinner, flew back on Sunday afternoon. On Saturday, after lunch, we took a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon.

What we did

On our first night there, after a dinner somewhere in the Venetian Hotel, we decided to try out gambling. We promptly blew $500 in about 10 minutes on the roulette table. We were done with gambling. Luckily, Vegas has so much more to offer.

The weekend we were there happened to correspond with one of the biggest boxing matches of the year. Floyd Mayweather against some guy from Mexico on Mexican independence day. Several things happened as a result. 1) Every “baller” in America with a private jet flew to Vegas for the fight. 2) Every proud Mexican citizen from a 500 mile radius showed up in Sin City. and 3) Reservations were available at 9pm at the world famous Joel Robuchon in the MGM Grand. There is no getting around it, that dinner was expensive. Like, really really expensive. Like, how could you possibly spend that much money on food expensive. But… was good. Really really good. We both agreed that it was a surefire candidate for best meal we’ve ever eaten. Most economical? Not even close. But absolutely one of the best.

If you go to Vegas, and you win the slots, go to Joel Robuchon for dinner.  Better yet, take the money you would otherwise lose gambling and eat there instead.

But if you can’t get a reservation, or if the price tag is a little too insane, try to at least check out Bouchon Bakery for brunch instead. Their fries are, supposedly, cooked in duck fat.  Mmmmmm.

St. Marks Square at The Venetian

St. Marks Square at The Venetian

On Saturday afternoon we took a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon. Nikki always wanted to see it and Mike hates hiking. This was a happy median. 45 minute scenic flight out, land IN the Grand Canyon for 40 minutes, 45 minute flight back.

View of the Vegas skyline

View of the Vegas skyline


Flying over Lake Mead and the Hoover Damn.


Watching the sun set in the Grand Caynon.

To see the Grand Canyon you could drive 8 hours from civilization. Or you could take a 45 minutes helicopter flight and be home in time for a $50 all you can eat seafood buffet for dinner.



Helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon.


The Venetian. Classy place to stay with great food options.


Bouchon Bakery; in the Venetian Hotel

Joel Robuchon; in the MGM Grand.

Le Village Buffet; at the Paris.  Go for the breakfast buffet.



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